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Leon Koj – On Defining Meaning Families

In his Philosophical Investigations (Oxford 1958, p. 31-35) Wittgenstein remarked that in natural languages there are expressions which are undefinable. The word „game” was given as an example of undefinable expressions. The meaning of this and similar words is to be grasped only by considering different kinds of games and by hearing the word in different contexts. Wittgenstein says that this word has a sort of meaning consisting of many similar meanings constituting a family of meanings. The remarks of Wittgenstein suggest that the multitude of meanings is the cause of the impossibility of defining terms having families of meaning as their meaning.


Tekst został opublikowany w „Studia Logica” 1969, vol. XXV. Pobierz pełny tekst: On Defining Meaning Families (format *pdf).